Visual Arts Scholarship

Dr. Shirley Carter Olsson
Recurring Scholarship Application

Award Amount: $500 in the second year during college career, open to prior year recipients of the C. Herbert Brown, Jr. Performing Arts Scholarship or the Andy Conklin Visual Arts Scholarship

Scholarship Information

Anne Shirley Carter Olsson, M.D., a resident of West Point, was born in Richmond,
Virginia on January 5, 1928. She was the daughter of Charles Keen Carter, Jr. and Katherine
Nicholas Davis Carter. Dr. Olsson graduated from the University of North Carolina Women’s
College at Greensboro with a B.A. degree and received her doctorate from the School of
Medicine of the Medical College of Virginia, now Virginia Commonwealth University. She
interned at Los Angeles County General Hospital in California and was a medical resident at
Johnston Willis Hospital in Richmond, Virginia for two years where she met Sture Gordon
Olsson, then President of Chesapeake Corporation in West Point. They were married 50 years
at the time of his death on September 10, 2007. Dr. Olsson has three daughters, one son, and
four grandchildren.

After moving to West Point, Dr. Olsson worked in public health clinics in the counties of
King William, King & Queen, Gloucester, Mathews, and Middlesex for many years and worked
with the local physicians in West Point. She served on the board of trustees of the Virginia
Historical Society and the Massey Cancer Center and is a member of St. John’s Episcopal
Church. Since retiring, Dr. Olsson has spent more time enjoying her family, outdoor activities,
knitting, reading, and watercolor painting.

Scholarship Qualifications

The Applicant shall:

  1. Be a full-time student in a college or university.
  2. Be actively pursuing a career in the performing arts in music (includes voice), dance, theatre, or in the visual arts in studio art, theater costume design, or stage/set design.
  3. Submit an official college transcript to Arts Alive, PO Box 906, West Point, VA 23181, or email
    directly to

Deadline: April 1st

Completed application, artwork, personal statement, recommendations, and transcript must be received by 5pm on April 1st, 2023.